Fun & Games

Word World
Where words come alive! This website is for the popular and award nominated PBS show, Word World. Interact with the characters through fun games and videos. Also, access new ebooks from the show!


PBS Kids
Can’t get enough of PBS programming? Visit their home site for kids to play games and visit pages about a whole mess of PBS Kids shows. Everything from Mister Rogers to Wordgirl to Calliou can be found here. And don’t forget to check out the Sesame Street page for super Grover time fun.


Lil’ Fingers
An excellent source for storybooks for toddlers. This site features thematic booklists and fun games for little kids, as well as printable coloring pages and tips for parents. You can even read ebooks and share them with your friends!


Primary Games
Both a super fun gaming site and an educational tool, Primary Games features everything a kid could want in a website: new games (updated daily), printable coloring sheets and online tv. Make sure you check out the games that help you in school too, like the Math and Social Studies section.


Fun Brain
Fun Brain, Fun Brain, a great place to learn and play! This site features games, movies, webcomics and more. Also, a great resource for parents and teachers.


Cool Math Games
Who says math is boring? This website features tons of games that are secretly teaching you things! Weave through tons of different games, jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages and more! New games are being added all the time, including geography and science games, so check back often.